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Tom Francey

Tom Francey lives in St. Catharines and is married to Shirley. He has 4 grown children, a dog, and two granddogs. Tom retired in 2014 from Bethesda. He participated in the change of services from an institutional model to a community-based model in the 34 years working there as a front-line staff, manager, and behaviour therapist. For four years he was a Life Skills Coach with PCC specializing in problem-solving techniques and anger management, retiring in 2020. Tom joined the board of PCC in 2021. He had extensive board experience with several organizations. He looks forward to continuing to make a positive contribution to PCC.

Lindsay Redekop

Lindsay Redekop believes in the Person Centered Care philosophy; putting people first and providing support for those in the vulnerable sector. She has a B.A. from Trent University, B Ed. from Queen’s University and a Teaching Specialist in Special Education. As an educator she thinks it is important to provide opportunities for social support, health and well-being, and learning for all.

Sheryl Overholt

Sheryl has spent the last 32 years working in education and has recently retired. She has always been a huge supporter of those who supports our community and the vulnerable sector. Since Person Centered Care started, she has been intrigued by what they stand for knowing that its mission tailors all their supports based on each client's uniqueness as an individual. It is incredible what they are doing for our communities in the Niagara Region.

Connor Gates

Connor has been working in the accounting field for 9 years, and is currently the Fort Erie Office Manager at Crawford, Smith & Swallow, providing accounting, assurance, and taxation services to a variety of clients. Connor holds an Honors Bachelor of Accounting, and Master of Accountancy degrees from the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. He is currently the treasurer of Person Centered Care of Niagara Inc., a non-profit organization in Fort Erie, and has occasionally held positions as a part-time accounting and finance lecturer at Brock University.

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